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Pay Your Utility Bill With a Personal Loan

Utility Bill
Personal loans are one of the easiest forms of loans to get when you need relatively small amounts of cash quickly, and they come in handy for emergency expenses. In fact, you can use the proceeds for any type of reason or need you currently have.

If you currently have a disconnection notice from your utility company and have no money to pay it, getting a personal loan is the best solution you have to stop the company from disconnecting your utilities. Here are some reasons why:

It Is Not Easy to Live Without Utilities

The utilities you have in your home may include electricity, gas, water, TV and phone service, and each type is important for your everyday living habits and activities. If any of these utility companies send you a disconnection notice, you will end up without the utility if you do not pay the bill by the date listed on the statement.

While you probably could live without TV and phone service, imagine having to live without water, gas or electricity. Without these essential utilities, you will be living in a dark, cold apartment without any way to shower or even flush the toilet. This would not only cause an inconvenience but also make life even harder than it already is.

Getting Reconnected Is Not Free

The second thing you should realize is that when a utility company disconnects a service, they do not reconnect it for free. Instead, they charge a fee, which they call a reconnection fee. The result of this is that the bill you owe for the service will increase if you let the utility disconnect. In other words, you will end up spending more money if you let the disconnection go through.

The amount of the fee varies by company; however, reconnection fees are typically fairly hefty. You might even want to call the company to ask them how much this fee is so you know ahead of time. After that, you may decide to contact a company that offers personal loans to see if you qualify for one. If you do, you will solve the dilemma you face.

It Could Harm Your Credit

It is also important to realize that paying a utility bill late could harm your credit score. If you fail to pay your bill, the utility company could post this as a delinquent account on your credit report. If this happens, it will harm your credit score. To keep your credit score as high as possible, you should pay all your bills on time and avoid any types of late payments.

Having low credit will impact your ability to get lines of credit in the future, which is why keeping your score high is an important part of life. One other thing to consider is that allowing your utilities to disconnect could result in having to pay a higher deposit on your utility account. This consequence is very common with utility companies.

A personal loan can solve the problem you face right now. It offers a way to obtain the cash you need to pay your utility bill before the company disconnects it. A lender that offers these also offers convenient repayment plans that affordable for borrowers.

If you want to prevent a disconnection from occurring with your utilities and need cash quickly to do this, contact Central Finance. We offer personal loans as low as $30 to loans as high as $1,340, and we can help you get the cash you need quickly. Contact us today to find out how to apply for a personal loan in the amount that you need.